Consumers are always looking for something new and different and the ice cream producers that have maintained their sales within a saturated market have been the ones that continue to think outside the box. With our expertise in the ice cream market and our passion for delicious ice creams, soft ices, refreshing sorbets, sherbets and super refreshing water ices we deliver the best flavours for your sweet treats. We follow the global ice cream market and our creative ice cream chefs are dedicated to generate new ideas new ideas and serve you the global ice cream trends in a local fit To support you in your product innovation, you’re most welcome to join the creative team in their innovative “taste my Idea” session to continue to stay competitive. with the unique support of EFF innovation platform, you can add your own unique twist to the dessert by tapping into local-foods movement, handpicking artisan-quality ingredients, promoting healthier options and innovating with new techniques and flavours. .

Ice Cream Trends

Herbs and spices provides an element of health and wellness to an indulgent dessert. A little goes a long way in terms of taste. Building on the salty caramel trend, the flavour of speculoos, a cookie from the Netherlands, is starting to become popular in other regions. This short crust cookie has a sweet butter flavour and contains a spice blend consisting of cardamom, cinnamon, clove. ginger and nutmeg. The speculoos flavour works great in ice cream and also makes a flavourful inclusion, possibly coated with caramel or chocolate. Ginger, which is an important flavor in speculoos nutmeg, possibly coat., with caramel or chocolate Ginger, which is an important flavour in speculoos, is driving all types of flavor innovation because it provides two types of heat, one that’s refreshing and another that’s spicy There’s also o healthful halo Surrounding ginger, and it has strong ethnic associations Think Caramelized Ginger Cheesecake.

A Bountiful Harvest

The bigger the better. the more the merrier fruits, vegetables and nuts give Consumers permission to indulge on ice cream.