And then there is milk milk…delight

…the perfect white canvas, in fact, artists have been known to say that whole milk is the ideal shade of white. But it’s a white begging for color and flavor. Flavour trends often start in beverage and confection, making their way down to bars and snacks, and soon after, DAIRY.

For many, eating today is more about the experience than sustenance. This is being driven by Millennials, young adults, born as the last generation in the 20th century and considered as high influencers in consumer behavior. Being a millennial is actually a state of mind. And yes, EFF understands the Millennials and sees the potential of this big group of young adults. Millennials will try everything. They think in terms of ethnic cuisines, sometimes even regional specificity. Millennials shop more frequently. Then want fresh ingredients purchased the same day. Dairy marketers are smart to offer smaller sizes of products for one-time use. Selection and wide variety in the dairy department resonates with millennial shoppers. They want good food. They want more local food. Quality is more important than the brand…! This is an easy one for dairy! EFF will support you to develop exciting products with delicious flavours. We know the market and their specific requirements and with this approach and our strong sensory expertise, we can offer you a pallet of numerous Shades of White…