Consumers have high expectations when it comes to drinks that should deliver stimulation. comfort or natural taste while being refreshingly healthy. With our expertise in the beverage field we understand consumer’s preferences. This knowledge makes us the right partner to provide you fast and complete solutions for your consumer’s beverage expectations. From a delicately flavoured water to a complex emulsion system. we can work with you to create the right system for your application. Our in-house experts can use their knowledge and expertise of our product range to suggest the right solution for you.

Non-Alcoholic Beer

The Middle East now accounts for almost a third of worldwide sales by volume of non-alcoholic beer. In 2012 Iranians drank nearly four times as much of it as they did in 2007. This taps into growing consumer aspirations. As a statement of a globalized lifestyle beer, even if non-alcoholic, it may be more potent than Coca-Cola. EFF can supply the flavour and Malt extract for a high-quality non-alcohol Beer. Your success is our success and our experts are available to advice and support you in the process, EFF is not just offering Malt & Flavor, we advise you to achieve the best taste and quality to gain a significant share in the Non Alcoholic Beer segment.